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In 1999, Massimo Canevacci wrote and directed Opera Malinowski’s performance. The main character was Malinowski, an anthropologist who conducted some classical studies on Trobriand’s Islands. In his diary, Malinowski showed his profound crisis during the field research. It is important that an anthropologist talks about his troubles in his books, because these emotions have an influence on the field research. Opera Malinowski showed the profound crisis of the anthropologist when he got in touch with native people. Opera Malinowski was conducted during the course of Cultural Anthropology at University of Rome and the students took part in the performance. The idea was that through this performance the students could learn better how many difficulties a field research brings. The students personally experienced the troubles and the joys of an anthropological research by getting immersed into a performance that reproduced the conditions of a field research.



In 2007, Massimo Canevacci and Sheila Ribeiro performed “Sandmann” at PUK theater (San Paolo) for the first time; the performance was repeated several times, in Tokyo (2008) and Bahia (2008) too. They mixed erotica, eyes, technology, automata, doll, double as new key-words. Passing trought Freud’s essay Unheimlich (Uncanny), through Rilke’s essay Die Puppenseele Scheinfrüchte (the uncanny dolls), through Hans Bellmer’s Die Puppe disturbing images to reach the new visual fetishism of advertising, design, communicational metropolis and contemporary Art.

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